Server Address Port MOTD Other
Public Murmur/Mumble-server ubrukelig.net (IPv6 ready) 64738 (standard) join server You will find the server under Public internet -> "Norway"
Public Left 4 Dead 2 server l4d.no 27015 (standard)
view Only joinable from lobby (use mm_dedicated_force_servers in console with "Best Available Dedicated")


Information update, 2014-07-19

All sites has been closed down due to inactivity, both from visitors and the developer (that be me). If you came here via another web address, it means the site is down.

Btw. "ubrukelig.net" means "useless net" in norwegian, just in case you wonder. Even though, I barely have any issues with the network anymore... for about 10 years :]


If you came to see GidderIkke.no, it has been closed down, but you can download then contents here (norwegian):

Musikk: mixed by Ole (115MB)
Alle tilfeldige sitater (15KB)
Alle drittdikt (58KB)
Alle fortellingene (624KB)

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