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Most webpages has been closed down due to inactivity, both from visitors and the developer (that be me). If you came here via another web address, it means that the site is down. Available webpages, servers and some downloads from previous sites are available bellow.


You're welcome to visit my 500px portfolio site.


Hosted servers

Server Address Port Webpage Information
Public Left 4 Dead 2 server 27015 (standard)
l4d.no Only joinable from lobby


Hosted pages

Webpage Address
PhotOle, frontpage for my photo locations photole.no
Word|Web Lizer, replaces or translates words after own created dictionaries. wlize.me
L4D.no, webpage for my Left 4 Dead 2 server. l4d.no




Scripts to control sound card inputs and outputs.

  • SwapImpedance (GUI, Alsa: Script for switching impedance for Asus Xonar Essence XTS and similar sound cards)
  • SwapOutput (GUI/CLI, PulseAudio: Script made for controlling outputs for Asus Xonar Essence STX (and maybe other cards) in CLI for PulseAudio.)
  • SwapInput (GUI/CLI, PulseAudio: Script for switching default input fallback with PulseAudio.)

Unofficial addons for LibreElec

GidderIkke.no has been closed down. Contents can be downloaded here:

Playlist: Listen to the music online with the HTML5 audio player.

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